Art Journal Page Stencil Doodling and (Art By Marlene) Love Yourself

In todays Project, I have a Step by Step Art Journal Page, using my Negative Doodling  Stencil Technique, (say that 5 times in a row LOL)

Step 1

The page started with left over watercolour paint on the page from another project. I used Art By Marlene Cream Refill Pages for the Perfect Sized Journal  (trimmed down to 14.5 x 20cm to fit my album.)

I then added a hand drawn mountain across the Double Page, (single page only in the picture.)


Step 2

I then took my Diamond Stencil.

I traced around the diamonds within the Mountain shape.The stencil is easy to move across the page and line up to cover a larger area.

I then used a thick paint pen, 3mm or 5mm and coloured in the negative spaces between the diamonds, giving you the opposite look if you put paint through a stencil.


Step 3

Continue Colouring until your finished, it takes sometime but very relaxing, just turn your brain off and have fun.


Step 4

I then used a thinner black pen to add some lines within the diamonds, i didn't do a pattern, just did a random few hear and there, but if you prefer a pattern, that will work too.


Step 5

The sky was looking rather plain so it needed some pattern too, I used my Cloud Stencil (isn't on my website I will fix that soon and link it here). Then I doodled within the cloud shapes,lines and dots.

Step 6

I outlined the pages with a black paint marker, to give it a border.

I used Art By Marlene Die Cuts, from the Lime Collection and also the Big XXL Book Collection, But I am sure any Art By Marlene Collection will work. They seem to fit any project i use them on latley.

I also outlined each of the Art By Marlene die cuts with the same thin pen i used on the diamonds,  The black lines in between diamonds were too black, so i went over them with a white Paint Pen to soften the blackness.

My go to rule is if its too black add white and if its to light add black, Works most of the time.


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